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JC presenting Richard Johnson, in 2013 with a cheque for £1,401 raised for the IJF

Now in our 10th year & still going strong


Full results in that time:


1,752 pts profit

(ROI - 13.2%)


I am now offering 3 types of service


1: Standard 6 months subscription for only £199


2: Standard 1 months subscription for only £39


Most subscribers now choose option 3...


3: Brand New flexible Pay as You Go Service....


No fixed contract

Take breaks when & as often it suits

No upfront payment

Only pay when service is in profit

Only pay once 25 points cummulative profit is reached

All odds quoted only when 2 Bookies offer

Can't get the odds? Just let me know.

Allows tips to be far more flexible

Only £1.60 per point so affordable for many


go to my subscription page to register*

*Registration involves a one-off £5 fee to register & is fully refundable when you leave the service


Cheltenham 2018


Cheltenham is round the corner & 2017 was a superb year


33 Tips, 7 winners !!

Road to Respect - strong bet 16/1, Pacha Du Polder 22/1, Willoughby Court 16/1, Special Tiara 11/2, Apples Jade 9/2, Cause of Causes 4/1 & Lets Dance 7/4.

4 EW's were placed


Profit for the 4 days was 87 points & a huge 126% ROI

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